Time for a silly meme, doncha think? Via FluidPudding:

I AM: getting married in exactly 20 days. 20 days, people! And yes, that's pretty much my identity these days: Excited Yet Cranky To The Point of Being Totally Over It DIY Bride Lady. Tra la!
I WANT: another massage and Japanese soaking tub session like the one Nat and I enjoyed on Friday night at Urban Oasis in Cambridge. Mmmmm, pressure points.
I WISH: I had a more comfortable chair in my cubicle.
I HATE: the usual suspects.
I MISS: having the whole summer off.
I HEAR: one of the many bizarre ringtones of my coworkers. This one is the phone burbling and a voice saying, "HELLO, MOTO!" over and over. God.
I WONDER: if I will ever find a job that puts my degree to good use without smothering the rest of my brain.
I REGRET: not studying abroad when I was an undergrad, figuring I'd "have time later," a-ha ha ha!
I AM NOT: able to touch my toes at the moment, ow, back.
I DANCE: irregularly.
I SING: in the car.
I CRY: at the weirdest commercials sometimes.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as absorbed in what I'm reading as it may appear to some observers.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a very nice "Here is the church, here is the steeple."
I WRITE: online more than offline.
I CONFUSE: chocolate for perspective all the time.
I NEED: a new pair of summer shoes. The ones from LLBean aren't going to do it, they make a weird PFF PFF PFF sound when I walk. Gah.
I SHOULD: probably be calling about 7 different wedding vendors right now. [Twiddles thumbs]
I START: no wine (or blazingly urgent task) before its time (which is just a tick before way too late).
I FINISH: this post and pass it on to you, if you like.

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