How quickly a week goes by...when you're incapacitated by lower back pain! -- Those mysterious little muscles and ligaments, how we take them for granted when they are not spasming all over the place. Thank god for ThermaCare, buy some today! That is my offering to the back karma god -- getting married in 4 weeks, can't spend any more time hobbling around than absolutely necessary.

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Erica B. said...

hey babe, back pain is most of what keeps me in pants. Seriously, it would be my wedding present to you to treat it gratis if you'd like - just give me a call in my office (and don't make an appointment, fergodsakes, or they'll charge you). besides,it would be nice to see you. -erica (you can track down my office number by looking me up using my first name and last name at massmedboard.org)