The Return of Judas Demon -- It wouldn't be a Sox-Yanks game without a few wild surprises, and last night's 7-3 Sox triumph served it up right. Despite the raw, windy "spring" weather, there were 36,000 fans on hand to mark Johnny Damon's first Fenway appearance in the dreaded pinstripes, many bearing signs, from the clever (see above) to the historic ("Johnny Damon = Benedict Arnold") to the typical ("Johnny, you really are an idiot!"). To be fair, there were some cheers mixed in with the boos and chants (and dropping dollar bills into the outfield)...Johnny was a class act, tipping his hat and pointing to his old friends in the dugout, some of whom were probably quaking with relief that they hadn't gone over to the dark side themselves. But nearly eclipsing that first at-bat was the dramatic arrival of Doug Mirabelli, literally whisked to the park in a state police SUV -- he'd just flown in from San Diego after being traded back hours before! He changed into his uniform on the MassPike! Even better, he saved Tim Wakefield and the Sox from another frustrating loss. And let us all bow down before David Ortiz, who defied the laws of physics with his towering 3-run homer in the 8th -- huzzah!

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