The Wicked Sandwiches of the East -- Kottke waxes on about his all-time favorite sandwiches, and for some reason this put me in the mood to do the same. Maybe because Nat has a list? I don't want to be left out of this internets craze!

1. Roast turkey w/mayo, S&P on a Portuguese roll, Liberty Food Market, corner of Grier & Bayway, Elizabeth NJ -- The manna of childhood, special treat for class trips and family vacations, served on Saturday afternoons by my dad with potato chips (he ate them in the sandwich). Thinly sliced Boar's Head meat, black with pepper, rich with mayo, on a perfect chewy roll that broke apart as you ate it, the crisp outer crust showering you with crumbs.

2. Extra lean Pastrami on light rye w/pickles & mustard, Katz's Deli, East Houston St. NYC -- The original, the ultimate in deli goodness. Sit in the scuffed dining room, order an egg cream and some matzoh ball soup, and prepare to wallow in humble perfection: moist slabs of rosy meat, touched with a dab of mustard, barely contained by slices of light, chewy bread. Begin with a fork, then use both hands, and pick up the last succulent tidbits with a fingertip. L'chaim!

3. Chicken salad sub, London Market, corner of Sacramento & Divisadero, San Francisco CA -- I worked at an academic summer program down the street during my college summer breaks, and I was too broke to buy lunch more than once a week. On Fridays, I'd walk to this standard corner store, distinguished by a great candy and potato chip selection, something to do with its vaguely British theme. A generous scoop of chicken, celery, craisins, and dill, for $5 it was big enough to take half home for dinner.

4. Cream cheese and strawberry jelly on Home Pride Buttertop Wheat bread -- My lunchbox sandwich of choice circa 1982. Somehow it was more like eating a danish than a PB&J. Accompanied by a box of raisins, an apple, and a half-pint of chocolate milk.


Yuval said...

Schwartz's Deli in Montreal offers a taste of heaven with their smoked meat sandwich. Artery clogging joy!

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