It's been too long since we had some quality TAI Roadside Sightings. Thus:

1. At the Mobil station alongside I-95 in Lexington, each pump is adorned with a colorful placard celebrating the contributions of Latinas in America. That's cool, but WTF? At the bottom it says, "Mobil Celebrates Hispanic Heritage." Hmmm...

2. The teenaged girl who checked my ticket at the AMC Burlington cinema on Sunday was named, according to her nametag, Britni. I guess that's better than "Britnie," right?

3. Some quality bumperstickers spotted lately: "We Support Figure Skating In Medford!"; "I'd Rather Be Driving My Antique Car"; and on the refrigerator of a certain car-free, lefty couple in Jamaica Plain, a big red-white-n-blue ribbon emblazoned "I Support More Troops Than You."

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