"If you loathe political debate, join the faculty of an American university." -- So says The Economist, in this short diatribe on the ivory towers of overzealous political correctness. I can see how there's a generally liberal slant in academia, but in my experience undergraduates are some of the most conservative, close-minded people around...until they get their brains forcibly jammed open by the faculty (whatever their personal political leanings) and taught a little critical thinking.

Anyway, in a couple years we won't have to worry about the faculty bias, because a rising tide of Baby Republicans will swamp our universities with Red State values. This fascinating piece from The American Conservative, natch, explores the demographic differences between where Dems and GOPs live, work, and breed: "The white people in Republican-voting regions consistently have more children than the white people in Democratic-voting regions. The more kids whites have, the more pro-Bush they get." Yikes.

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