This freshly hatched new year has already yielded a bumper crop of Roadside Sightings -- enjoy the randomness:

* On a refrigerator repair truck, a bumper sticker reading "I (HEART) Ammonia."
* On an undistinguished white sedan, with Colorado plates, an "I (HEART) Portland" sticker.
* On a prissy green Subaru wagon, a "KILL YOUR TV!" sticker. Give me a break.
* We saw two separate cars on our drive to NJ with "I DON'T BREAK FOR YANKEES FANS" stickers. Yikes.
* This was balanced out by a "David Ortiz For President" sticker on a pickup truck.
* I've seen three trucks in the past week with a colorful placard: "Good Stuff. Trucks Bring It."
* On a concrete overpass in Reading, there's a yellow graffiti scrawl: FREE SACO.
* A shiny tanker truck reads "Proud to be your means of transport" in English and French on the back.
* A panel truck from Murphy's Refinishing.com highlights their "Door Dipping" service. Hmmmmmm.

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