"Just promise to never make Anchorman II..." -- Works for me! The highlight of the Oscars [aside from the 10th anniversary festivities at my house, woo!] was this musical tribute to the "forgotten" comedian by these three lunkheads...awesome. Despite tepid hosting from Ellen, deeply pointless clip montages ["Hollywood Loves America" by Michael Mann {WTF?!} left us all in stunned/bored silence], and a lack of outrageous outfits, the show managed to surprise and occasionally delight. Clint Eastwood translating for Ennio Morricone was neat, and I liked the reading from the actual script during the screenwriting clips. Surprisingly, the song performances were tight and impressive, even Celine, though the songs themselves were uninteresting. But like most of the nominated films, the broadcast could use a ruthless working-over by Thelma Schoonmaker to move things along...cute as that corgi was, what was up with that ludicrous costume pantomime? In the end, though, all that matters is Marty getting his due...when I saw those three well-fed baby boomers headed for the microphone I knew it was coming. Sweet!

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