"Young man! There's a place you can go..." -- Yes, that's my little brother, the chief of his wedding reception. This past weekend marked the long-awaited end of his 18+ month engagement to the lovely Daria, in the middle of which I myself got engaged and hitched. The 2006 Durand Matrimony Marathon is over, sigh. This "YMCA" skit by the groomsmen is a signature feature of DJ Delight, who provided a Big Fat Jersey Wedding experience for all...they actually played "Glory Days," people. And also "It Takes Two," "Jesse's Girl," and my sister Becca's #1 wedding request, "P.Y.T." Woop woop!


Joanne Devine said...

"Woop woop"
....and a good time was had by all.
Great seeing you and Nat.

emily said...

You too, Joanne! Sorry we didn't get more of a chance to catch up...and we WILL have our own reception pics up soon... ;)

Michelle said...

YEAH ! That's truly a Jersey wedding ! Queens weddings are just as fun.