AAIIIIEEEEEEE, Congratulations!! -- Huzzahs are in order today for my new bro-in-law Jon and his lovely bride-to-be, Bobbi, who are now officially affianced! No word yet on costuming or theme possibilities for their nuptials, but since they attended DragonCon and collected the blessings of assorted sf celebs (including Darth Vader and Mr. Sulu!!) on their union, it should be a rockin' good time. Hooray!

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Chair said...

I noticed your alias (Serafina) on Dooce's comments and I had to check you out, baby. I'm a digger of the Pullman books. AND I'm 32 this month, too! (Insert twilight zone theme here.)

(Plus, I had a medieval wedding myself, so give your geeky Dragoncon brother a high-five for me.)