"He might be a conservative, but at least he is a judge." -- Touche, Harriet! Opinions on the new SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito are pouring in on both sides, uh, of the Atlantic, that is. This BBC forum has more than a few comments of the "why should I care, I'm British" variety ("Because we're fighting the Americans' war" is a popular response), and over at Slate, NPR, and of course the Fox News Channel there's a wide variety of American rhetoric on display. My favorite: "I don't trust this president anymore. I voted for him, I admit it. I was one of the many who was tricked into thinking he would bring respect and accountability back to the White House. He has done the exact opposite. I can't support any decision he makes. . .Alito would be another pawn in Bush's pocket." — Jenna (?!!)

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